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Did you know?

When you are moving to Canada for the first time, you are considered a "settler"; whereas, if you are going back to Canada after being gone for more than a year, you are considered a former resident.  If; however, you are moving back after less than a year, then you are considered as absent.  Before you move to Canada, it is a good idea to have duplicate copies of your household goods including the make, model and serial number of items if applicable.  The list should be in two sections in which the first section is what you bring with you and the second section are the household goods that we will ship on on your behalf.  These household goods that you import with us will be eligible for duty and tax exemption. The following are items that are prohibited or at least have restrictions on them.  Perishable items, soil, prescription drugs, firewood, firearms and weapons, explosives including ammo, obscene materials, used mattresses, etc.  You must fill out a B4 form which is a personal effects accounting document prior to your move.  Customs will review and then approve your entry into Canada. 

Please ask us questions about customs procedure prior to your to ensure that your move goes smoothly.  Please call or email us at neena@premiervanlines.com and 877.784.2111.