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It is highly recommended that you get a survey prior to your move whether it is over the phone, using an estimator, or having an in-house surveyor come to your residence.  For shipments of more than one bedroom (3000 lbs, or 3 crates), an in-home or storage unit estimate is the best option to come up with an accurate quote. For smaller shipments, or customers moving 90-100% boxes, a phone survey is fine instead. Sometimes, due to the remote location of the customer, or a short-notice move within a week of them signing up with our company, an in-home or storage unit survey cannot be performed, and the furniture intended to be moved will be taken over the phone or by an e-mailed list or filling out an estimator that Neena will send you via email. 

Regardless of the survey method, our company can only quote your shipment’s price based on what you state you intend to move. Once you receive your survey results, we can help you stay within a allotted budget by letting you know what percentage you need to downsize and how many items (combination of furniture and boxes) you can take.  On moving day, we will priority load your shipment meaning that the most important things that you want shipped will be loaded first and once the number of crates are filled up, we stop.  It is our goal to mirror the invoice to the quote that Neena sends you but you have to follow our guidelines.  

For further information, please email or call us at neena@premiervanlines.com and 877.784.2111.