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Payment is due within one week of receiving our invoice to your e-mail account. 

If your company is paying your invoice, either in part or in full, please send us their contact information ASAP. 

Unlike an interstate move, a move overseas is often much slower, and the delivery agent generally cannot take a COD. Therefore, the shipment will not move from the local agent’s warehouse after the customer is invoiced and agrees to pay their bill. Thank you for your understanding of this issue. 

If you cannot pay for your household goods cost within two weeks of the moving date, the shipment will be diverted to a warehouse for storage and your shipment’s transit time will be delayed indefinitely. Storage charges vary between $50-100 / month for every thousand pounds of shipment. 


Credit Card: There is an additional 3% processing fee for this form of payment. Make sure that your billing address is correct and up to date before giving us the CC number, expiration date, and name on the card. The credit card authorization form has been attached for you, or you can simply give the information over the phone. 

If you decide to pay with a credit card, keep in mind that there are often precautionary holds on cards due to distance of purchase, amount of purchase, or other factors that you may not be aware of. If you have time, you first should call your credit card company and ask them if the amount and logistics of the purchase are acceptable. If there are any holds in place, please have them removed on the card before Premier Van Lines Intl. attempts to process the invoice fee. About 30% of our credit and debit card processing fails due to either an incorrect billing address or a precautionary hold on the card. 

Fast pay: This is the preferred method of personal check customer payment to our company. Cashier’s Checks and Money Orders must be ground mailed instead (see Conventional Mail Payment below). Scan and e-mail to: richard@premiervanlines.com, or fax to: 1-858-401-0936. The fast pay document has been attached in this e-mail to you. You can also scan the check directly (without the form), or take a cell phone picture of the check. All we need is the account and routing numbers of the check. 

Bank Wire: Premier Van Lines Intl. provides our routing and account number to you, and then your bank wires the appropriate funds to our bank. Ask for our bank wire information if you are interested in paying by this method. 

Conventional mail payment: Personal checks, Cashier’s Checks, Money Orders, company checks, etc. 

We strongly suggest that you have some sort of tracking on your mailing; there have been problems in the past with checks that have been mailed in a regular envelope USPS ground to our San Diego office, and the check often took 2-3 weeks to get there, if ever. If the check does not get to our office within 2 weeks, the customer then has to cancel the check, which most likely costs them money. It’s better to do things carefully the first time for this type of payment, and have a check that can be tracked to our office, since it’s often traveling thousands of miles. 


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